Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First Plan

‘“No Lift"

I want you to create a campaign for this particular course. Or you can choose the other option which is do a role play related to this course’, said En Syed Izzaddin, our beloved lecturer in subject MGT 312 (Creative and Critical Thinking).

                To be honest, when we hear about a campaign… many thoughts and rumors come to our mind. This is difficult right? However, we try to make it because we want to get the experience as much as possible from this campaign. So, we choose campaign from doing role play. We have to organize the campaign that the people would step on the stairs rather than steps onto the lift.

                So, our team decided to do our first meeting on 17 June to decorate and get an idea about the name and so on in library of UiTM Segamat. Many things that we discussed on that time. Then, we are very busy of test and assignment, so we postpone our next meeting on 11 July to discuss about the way we do the campaign and many else.

                On 14 July, we held on a meeting with En Syed Izzaddin in Blok C 315.We finally get the suitable name and slogan for the campaign. The name should be “Earth Stairway Project” and the slogan will be “Step on it and save earth”. This looks exciting right?

                So, here we are… all the members of the team are busy right now in order to make sure the success of this campaign. Here we have highlighted the purpose of our campaign and the advantage that you can get through this campaign :

1.       To stay fit and being healthy.
2.       To save the electricity in many shopping complex and other tallest building.
3.       To save environment through the saving of electricity.
4.       To be care as much as possible to our child and next generation through the saving of environment.
5.       To keep the balance of our world and stay happy with our family.

                There are many other advantages of this campaign. But for now, we think it is enough to open our mind and our heart to join this campaign in order to keep the happiness of our child and next generation.That is why our slogan is


Sunday, 17 July 2011